Senior's Therapy Activity Book

Instead of begging and cajoling your seniors to participate in boring, worn-out games, why not just let them play?

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Toobeez Seniors Therapy

TOOBEEZ® is perfect for recreation activities for seniors who are limited in their functioning abilities due to illness, disability or other condition.

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The TOOBEEZ® Senior Activity Book includes 10 fun and active guided activities designed to encourage communication, problem solving and teamwork using the tubes and spheres. Each activity includes detailed step-by-step directions to maximize a positive and beneficial experience.

Playing with TOOBEEZ® will address social, physical, expressive and cognitive areas. They will improve functional skills, enhance will-being and promote independence. Our activities were developed to increase mobility, stimulate cognitive functioning, increase affiliation with other and provide an opportunity for self expression.

Because TOOBEEZ® are open ended, so are the things you can do with them! You can give your residents a few pieces and have everyone work together to build a "freeform", work of art to be displayed in your lobby. You can hold a Field Day using TOOBEEZ® (the Bean Bag Beez game is perfect!).

Your residents can use them to play with their grandchildren when they come to visit. You can even run an exercise program designed for seniors using

Just let them have fun! They don't have to know they're exercising their physical, emotional and mental muscles in order to benefit, do they?

See how the rest of the World is using TOOBEEZ! 

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