How are TOOBEEZ being used around the World?  In 2001, we simply invented a toy…YOU told us how YOU were using them.  Many thanks to all!     
THE BOTTOM LINE:  It's not about what you can "build or do" using TOOBEEZ…it's about the process of doing it!  
The critical thinking, the creative thought process, the goal of in FULL motion with all kids, teens and adults.  Can you see the potential?    
    Used as a Toy Used as a Teambuilding Prop Used as an Educational Tool  Used as a Health Aid Comments
Our Markets
Consumers x x x High interest, all ages, family games! Gets kids moving and thinking. Party games!
Corporate Training See Our Corporate Activity Training Book
Coaches / Trainers x x Build bridges to connect management & workforce.
Corporate  Daycare Facilities x x Design and rebuild your own forts, club houses, etc. for imaginative play.
Event Companies x x x Contests, ice-breakers, kids' corners at social functions.
Education:  Faculty and Staff Development x See Our Educational Activity Books
Preschool x x x Following directions, working together.  Sorting, matching, measuring.
Elementary x x x Motivational. Encourages creativity. Hands-on concept development.
Middle x x Activity books for math, language arts, and PE.
High x x Assemblies, Diversity, Teambuilding, and Curricular support.
College x x Teacher training programs; visual arts; communictions.
After School Programs x x x Productive free play; different from school, but reinforcing.
Special Education x x x x Taps tactile, visual, spatial, motor, modalities.
Health /Therapy: Faculty and Staff Development x See Our Health / Therapy Activity Books
Occupational Therapy x x x x Readily applicable to real-life challenges, for use in clinical practice.
Recreational Therapy x x x x Also, imaginative, free -form and relaxing.
Physical Therapy x x x x Also, gross and fine motor skills; balance
Family Development x x x Improve family dynamics!  Fosters cooperation, fun.
Child Development x x x x Flexible applications--adapts to all ages and stages.  
Senior Centers x x x x Cognitive, social, physical stimulation; visitors can join in.
Addiction Recovery Centers x x x Promotes positive social interactions; supports problem- solving, goal completion.
Social Markets :  Faculty and Staff Development x See Our Teambuilding Activity Books
YMCA x x x Emphasizes group work. Create new recreational projects.
4H x x x Activities build group spirit; apply to 4H projects
Camps x x x Multi-purpose! Use indoors or out! Individual or Group!
Daycare Centers x x x Easy to use & store; constantly create new play spaces.
Boys & Girl Scouts x x Enhance problem-solving skills; apply to scouting challenges.
Cities & Towns x x Promotes collaboration, understanding. Attraction for town festivals.
Recreation Centers x x x Free play or group games; competitions.  Durable!
Military x x x Strategic planning; problem solving; trust-building
Institutions of Faith x x x All denominations. Build trust, communication, Noah's ark!
Dog Agility Trainers x Create hurdles, tunnels, and jumps.
Retail Stores
Sold as a Toy x x x Used as shelving / furniture
Used for staff development games
Used as a draw to keep families in store longer
We feature hands-on activities that focus on specific learning intentions.  
Communication, Cooperation, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Diversity, Ethics, Influence,  Leadership, Negotiations, People Development, Project Management Strategic Thinking and Teamwork.
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