Bean Bag Beez
Primary Market
Health, Seniors Therapy
Character Focus
Cognitive Skills
Items Needed
1 Toobeez set, bean bags, laminated shapes with positive and negative point values
The Activity Time
30 minutes


  • Increase mobility
  • Stimulate cognitive functioning
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve attention span
  • Reduce confusion and disorientation
  • Improve memory
  • Increase affiliation with others
Activity Focus
Physical and Cognitive
The Challenge

While working cooperatively, a team will toss bean bags to acquire 300 points.

Time 20 minutes


  • 1 Toobeez set
  • Bean bags
  • laminated shapes with positive and negative point values


  • Build connecting squares and rectangles on the floor. Place laminated numbers on the floor in the shapes (see pictures)
Activity Plan

Group Size: Small group to individual.

Time: 30 minutes

Space: Medium

Activity Instructions

Activity instructions1. Circle up the group.
Orient the participants to each other and open with a brief discussion about the importance of needing other people in our lives to help meet our goals. Have participants give examples of how they currently help each other.

2. When they are ready, introduce the storyline:
Your group has been challenged to set a score for Bean Bag Beez Toss. After your first round, attempt to beat your own record. Any team thereafter will be attempting to beat your record. You must work together as a team to achieve this task. Good luck!

3. Now read the Activity Challenge Box to the group.
Activity Challenge: While working cooperatively, a team will toss bean
bags to acquire 300 points.

4. The team must work together to score 300 points. Participants should take turns tossing the bean bags to score points.

5. Groups must add and subtract the numbers as they toss and keep their score.

6. Designating a time limit or limiting the number of tosses increases this activity’s challenge.

7. Once a team achieves a score of 300, other teams (perhaps other groups in the facility) can attempt to beat the “Local Facility Record.”

Activity instructions18. If your group is struggling, or if you feel your group would benefit from an additional challenge, present a variation provided below.

9. After the activity, move to the “Activity Discussion and Processing” section.

Here are the available Teambuilding Training Options.

Activity Variations

1. Play as two teams.
Have the teams compete for the highest score.

2. Play outside and use Frisbees instead of bean bags.
Make the Toobeez shapes larger or make separate shapes. Then spread them out so participants can toss the Frisbees into the spaces.

3. Do not use negative numbers.
If subtracting is too challenging, just use positive numbers and add them.

4. When a team sets a record.
Take the group’s picture and place it on your bulletin board.

5. Get your staff involved.
This would be a fun activity to have staff play against the residents to create a
playful environment.

6. Intergenerational program.
This is a great activity for interacting with the grand children.

Safety Reminders!

Appropriate caution is important to conduct activities in a safe manner. Be sure to review these reminders prior to beginning the activity, and share reminders with the group if necessary.

  • Apply the “no discount” rule; all suggestions in the group are valued and are not put down, reduced or “discounted” in any way, as all group members’ comments are valued
  • Remind participants not to step on the Toobeez during play

Helpful Hints

  • This activity can be done with participants standing or sitting in chairs.
  • If working with patients who are disoriented or confused, do not keep score.

Activity Discussion and Processing

The effectiveness of the group process will often determine the outcome for the participant. These are only suggested questions to begin the discussion. Select the ones you feel will best benefit your group. Make sure to let everyone share their ideas, and remind participants that everyone’s feelings are important!

  • How do you feel when you need help from others?
  • How do you feel when someone asks for your help?
  • Is it harder to give or receive help?
  • When have there been times you were part of a team?
  • Was any part of the activity frustrating (such as losing points)?
  • When was the last time you worked toward a common goal?
  • What are some goals you might try to increase your activity level?
  • How does it feel to hold the record? How does it feel to not reach your goal?
Closing the Activity
Review the challenge of the group and summarize how the challenge was (or was not) achieved. Highlight the main contributions and resolve unfinished issues. Affirm their efforts for support and acceptance of each other’s feelings. End with the following quote:“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.” – Casey Stengel

Bean Bag Beez
Vicky Pitner is the author of the Toobeez Senior Therapy Activity Workbook and the upcoming Toobeez Recreational Activity Workbook. Recreation Services provides therapeutic recreation consulting, program development, staff and respite training, inclusion training, and workshops.
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