Gait Activity with Geriatrics
Physical Therapy
Primary Market
Health, Seniors Therapy
Character Focus
Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Spatial Skills
Items Needed
5 mins
This Idea Was Inspired By
Featured Activity
The Activity Time
20 mins

The 1st step was to place a ball on each end of 10 longest rods, ensuring the flatter ends of ball were facing the floor.  Next I placed the rods on the floor about 8 inches apart measuring step length with my own short step.


The patient transferred to standing from their wheelchair and ambulated forward across each rod turned around and ambulated back to chair and was observed for correct transfer sequencing back to sit. The patient performed this exercise for 3 laps.

Next the patient performed proper transferring and them ambulated over the rods with a side step, not turning at end and returning to start position facing the same way. Patient performed this exercises 5 laps. After demonstrating proper transferring patient was asked to ambulate back wards over the rods and was given hand held assist for safety, asked to turn at end and return to chair backwards. Patient performed this exercise 3x.

The rods and balls worked very well for this exercise with ball being slightly higher than ground level, forcing patient to increase foot clearance with each step, and forcing equal step length on each LE.  I would definitely use the balls and rods to perform this exercise again.


I am going to increase the challenge of this exercise by building hurdles with the rods and balls and adjusting them for step height.  Also able to challenge higher level patients with obstacle courses depending on rod placement and rod height from floor. Excited about doing this.



Joe Donahue is the manager of day-to-day operations and the person who originally conceived of the TOOBEEZ product.

Joe had a vision to create a life-sized Tinker Toy(TM) for families to play with to help reconnect with each other. It took four years of business planning, market research, manufacturing trips, endless conference calls with engineers, designers and patent attorneys but finally on September 21, 2003, the Toobeez product was born!

Often referred to as Giant Tinkertoys(TM), Toobeez is a life-sized construction building system comprised of interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked together to create anything imaginable, from a simple cube shape to a complex structure like a lemonade stand, house, airplane or submarine. Just connect, twist and create!

Initially, Toobeez was sold exclusively to the specialty toy market, but due to its open-ended nature, it didn’t take long to realize the versatility of the product and the many different ways it could be used.

Today, the Toobeez system is currently being used by educators, team building/training professionals, occupational and recreational therapists, camp counselors, Boy and Girl Scout troops, church youth groups and the list grows every day. There is even a group of forward thinking dog trainers who use Toobeez to create challenging courses for agility training (we're not making this up)!

Armed with the knowledge that there was more to Toobeez than just a toy, Joe reached out to industry experts and educators with the goal of developing a collection of materials that provide activities, educational tools and lesson plans for use with Toobeez. Among the topics covered: team building, math, language arts, occupational therapy and special needs and senior needs. Currently under development is a corporate team building workbook and a physical education activity book.

Whether in a playroom, classroom, corporation, camp or healthcare setting, Toobeez aims to provide every participant with a positive, healthy and fun learning experience!

Since the inception of Toobeez in 2001, it has been the company’s mission to connect people, inspire creativity and foster imagination. As a testament to their roots, Joe and the entire Toobeez team continuously strive to deliver a quality product that promotes connection and teamwork to ultimately bring people together.
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