Jet Plane
Build toys and explore Noggin BuilderZ
Primary Market
Education, Pre School
Character Focus
Uniqueness, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills

This activity was taken from the Noggin BuilderZ beginner activity book


  • Learn to connect Rod to Spool.
  • Stimulate imagination.
  • Learn to describe characteristic of Jet Plane
  • Name the parts


  1. Ask the children what kind of things that can fly? (Let the children freely express themselves from their understanding and imagination)
  2. Let them guess the fastest mode of transportation can take them from one place to another.(Show them the picture of different mode of transportation)
  3. Let them guess how many people can sit in a plane?
  4. Show them types of passenger plane. (Propeller and Jet plane)

Pieces you’ll need:

  • 2 spools
  • 2 green rods
  • 2 red rods
  • 1 blue rod

plane pieces 1



  1. Attach the blue and red rods to one of the spools to create a Y shape
  2. Put the green rods in the other spool to create a wide V shape.
  3. Combine the two shapes to make the figure below



Once the basic figure and idea is established, variety can be added.

One type uses:

  • 3 spools
  • 2 pins
  • 2 disc pins
  • 4 green rods
  • 2 red rods



Explore and create the following plane with those parts



Or using the following pieces

  • 2 spools
  • 2 red rods
  • 1 green rod
  • 1 pin
  • 1 holder
  • 1 blade



to create this plane



The main goal is to let kids explore and create.


  • colors of rods and other pieces may vary
  • kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard,¬†intended for ages 4+


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