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Photo to put in the frame

This activity was taken from the Noggin BuilderZ beginner activity book

To build a photo frame with Noggin BuilderZ, you’ll need:

  • 4 spools
  • 2 disc pins
  • 4 holders
  • 1 disc
  • 2 red rods
  • 3 green rods


1.   Make 4 lollipops, 2 with green rods inserted into the side of a spool, another 2 with red rods inserted into the center hole of a spool

2.   Arrange the lollipops into a rectangle

3.   Push the green lollipop to the center hole of red lollipop, do the same for the other pair

4.    A rectangle photo frame!


1.   Let’s take out  our photo, and put it on our photo frame

2.   Ask the children if they can decorate and make the photo frame more beautiful. (Give them some hints if they have no idea.)

3.   Ask them if they can modify the frame, put more function to the photo frame, etc.  (Give them some hints and invite them to imagine and innovate)

Digital Photo Frame

1.  It is now a upgrade to become a digital photo frame, with memory card, want to guess where to insert the memory card?

2.  There is a left and right button to scroll the photo. 

Mini Television

1.   When you push the blue button once, it is a digital photo frame.  Push twice, it turns into a television.

2.    You don’t have to worry, you can turn the small orange wheel to select the channel (turn the frequency up and down)

Antenna or Light

1.   It is the antenna for television.

2.   It is also an antenna for Wi-Fi to connect to internet. You can receive picture from your friend and show on the photo frame directly.

3.   You can also use it to send a photo to your friend or grandpa through the internet connection, from the memory card to hidden camera in this photo frame.

4.   At night when everyone sleeps and you want to do some reading, You can also turn it down and it become a small table light.


  • colors of rods and other pieces may vary
  • kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard, ages 4+


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