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Primary Market
Education, Secondary Ed
Character Focus
Items Needed
1 Toobeez set, 3 bean bags
The Activity Time
45 minutes


  • Limbo under a tube
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase balance
  • Develop flexibility
  • Discuss and reflect on the experience
Character Focus
Respecting Others & Trust
The Challenge
Students will Limbo beneath the Toobeez tube as low as possible
Time: 5 minutes


  • 1 Toobeez set


  • Have one 36” tube ready to use as a Limbo pole.
Activity Plan

Time: 45 minutes

Space: Medium

Instruction: Whole class

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure to review these tips prior to beginning the activity, and if necessary, share reminders with the group during the activity.
  • Only one person should go beneath the Limbo tube at a time
  • Allow enough room between the students
  • Make sure everyone has a turn before the tube is lowered
  • Students should stop this activity if they feel pain while stretching beneath the Limbo tube

Activity Instructions

1. Circle up the group.

2. Read aloud the following Activity Challenge Box to the group.

Challenge: Students will Limbo beneath the Toobeez tube as low as possible.

3. Review general safety procedures and tips from the “Helpful Hints” section above.

4. Select one student to demonstrate the Limbo, and answer any questions students have about moving beneath the Limbo pole. Students should know that hands, arms, etc. can not touch the ground or the pole to help them under the tube.

5. Arrange the remaining students in a line perpendicular to the tube.

6. Students can begin moving under the pole one at a time.

7. When a student falls or touches the ground or the pole, they are to leave the line and become a positive cheerleader for the remaining students.

8. Continue this activity until only one student remains.

9. After the activity, move to the “Activity Discussion and Processing” section of the activity.


  • Teacher observation of student participation
  • Students demonstrate respect for other by displaying good attitudes toward others during the activity
  • Discussion of different techniques used in their Limbo attempt

Activity Discussion and Processing

To close the lesson, end with a group discussion about what was learned during the activity. Circle up the group, and work through the following questions. If possible, record the group’s responses on flip chart paper so all comments are displayed
  • How did you feel when you first saw the Limbo pole?
  • How did you feel while you were doing this activity?
  • Did your level of trust change during this activity?
  • What would you change about your approach next time?
  • Did your level of respect for others change from the start of this activity to the end?

Here are available Training Options!

Activity Variations

1. To change the activity.
Have students attempt to Limbo sideways.

2. To increase the difficulty.
Have students attempt to Limbo with their eyes closed.

Tim Arem is an award-winning fitness educator who believes in sharing health, fitness and entertainment with children and adults of all ages. Tim's love and concern for children extends across the United States and he actively supports the Special Olympics. He is an inspiration for motivating teachers and students in schools with his fitness pep rallies.
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