Toobeez Club
Primary Market
Health, Seniors Therapy
Items Needed
1 Toobeez set
The Activity Time
30 minutes


  • Provide an opportunity for self expression
  • Promote cognitive functioning
  • Acquire new leisure skills
  • Provide an opportunity for self-directed leisureactivity
  • Promote problem solving
  • Gain recognition from others in the community
  • Provide connectedness with a community
Activity Focus
The Challenge

Participants will become a member of the Toobeez Club by creating a piece of artwork from a set of Toobeez.

Time 20 minutes


  • 1 Toobeez set


  • Have the Toobeez ready.
Activity Plan

Group Size: Small group to individual.

Time: 30 minutes

Space: Medium

Activity Instructions

Circle up the group.
Orient the participants to each other and open with a brief discussion about the excuse we use that we do not have time to play. Remind the participants that we never get too old to play, but become old because we stop playing. Have participants give examples of how they avoid activities because they do not have time.

2. When the group is ready, introduce the following storyline:
So often throughout our lives we never make time to play or participate in recreation, but here is your chance. You are an artist with unlimited talents and imagination. Go and build and express yourself, but most of all, have fun!

3. Read the Activity Challenge Box to the group
Activity Challenge: Participants will become a member of the Toobeez Club by creating a piece of artwork from a set of Toobeez.

4. Praise all efforts to engage in the activity, regardless of the structure’s simplicity.

5. If your group is struggling, or if you feel your group would benefit from an additional challenge, present a variation provided below.

6. After the activity, move to the “Activity Discussion and Processing” section.

Here are the available Teambuilding Training Options.

Activity Variations

1. To enhance the challenge.
Have the individuals examine the Toobeez set before starting. Inform participants that all 52 pieces must be used.

2. Have an “art show”.
As a special event, hold an art show. Take pictures of each artist and their artwork, and have each picture enlarged and laminated at your local copy store. It is inexpensive, and the artists love to show off their work.

3. Intergenerational activity.
Have the Toobeez available when grandchildren visit so the family can enjoy building an art piece together. This is a great activity for Grandparent’s Day in September.

4. Express their artwork with words.
Artists could write a short paragraph explaining what inspired them to create their artwork. Artists could also include if they have ever expressed themselves through art in the past and why they liked this opportunity for self-expression.

Safety Reminders!

Appropriate caution is important to conduct activities in a safe manner. Be sure to review these reminders prior to beginning the activity, and share reminders with the group if necessary.

  • Do not allow participants to stand on chairs or tables
  • All artwork must support itself and may only be made from Toobeez

Helpful Hints

  • This is a great activity for a retirement or an active senior facility
  • Have club members name their artwork and display it in the lobby or other prominent location

Activity Discussion and Processing

The effectiveness of the group process will often determine the outcome for the participant. These are only suggested questions to begin the discussion. Select the ones you feel will best benefit your group. Make sure to let everyone share their ideas, and remind participants that everyone’s feelings are important!

  • How did you feel when you heard what you were going to do?
  • Who felt they had to be creative to do this?
  • What was the hardest part of creating your art?
  • Why is it hard for us to be creative?
  • How does it feel to have finished a project?
  • Did you ever feel like giving up?
  • Did anyone in the group say anything that made you keep working?
  • Do you regret the last hour that you spent socializing with your friends?
  • Would you be willing to find the time to do more activities in the future?

Closing the Activity

Review the challenge of the group and summarize how the challenge was (or was not) achieved. Highlight the main contributions and resolve unfinished issues. Affirm their efforts for support and acceptance of each other’s feelings. End with the following quote:

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same
number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michael Angelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” – H. Jackson Brown

Vicky Pitner is the author of the Toobeez Senior Therapy Activity Workbook and the upcoming Toobeez Recreational Activity Workbook. Recreation Services provides therapeutic recreation consulting, program development, staff and respite training, inclusion training, and workshops.
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