Triangle Shapes
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This activity was taken from the Noggin BuilderZ intermediate activity book


1.   Build basic shape of triangle.

2.   Explore other geometrical shapes that can be derived from basic triangles and squares.

3.   Let the kids understand that many things around us have basic geometrical shapes.

4.   Use imagination and creativity to design models or games derived from these basic shapes.

Start with the basic shape


if you add a triangle to the right, you get a square square

Starting with the basic shape again,


add a triangle on the top left gives you a parallelogram parallelogram

Again, start with the basic shape


adding another triangle on the bottom left you get an isosceles triangle itriangle

adding  a triangle to the right, you get a trapezoid trapezoid

from the trapezoid, add a triangle on the right for an isosceles trapezoid itrapezoid

or add a triangle on the left for a rectangle rectangle



  • colors of rods and other pieces may vary
  • kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard, intended for ages 5+

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