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youth groups
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What will you build with Toobeez? Build brains and bodies through hands-on-learning!

Physical Education:

In the "Laser Maze" Activity, construct an obstacle course and challenge students to crawl through without touching the Toobeez. Promote flexibility and teamwork.

Hands-On Mathematics Activities:

Teach X + Y axes and +/- quadrant values by playing "You Sank My Battleship." Review geometric vocabulary while building structures.

Special Education:

Experiential activities strengthen various skills including counting, motor-planning, visual-motor, auditory-processing, sensory exploration/integration, attention, concentration, spatial awareness, and social skills.

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Use Toobeez in the classroom or on the playground with dozens of hands-on learning activities created by teachers for teachers!

Use Toobeez to Enhance:

Critical Thinking Skills
Communication Skills
Math Skills
Teamwork and Self-Esteem

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High Quality
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About Toobeez

Often described as giant Tinker Toys, Toobeez is a life-sized construction toy comprised of interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked together to create anything imaginable.

Playing with Toobeez brings people together and brings out the best in people. Educational Experts and Teambuilding Professionals have developed innovative training activities using Toobeez.

Toobeez are currently used in the following categories: education, team building and training, occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation and wherever children gather, such as camps, organizations and after school programs. There is even a group of forward thinking dog trainers who use Toobeez to create challenging courses for agility training.


"Toobeez, the ultimate giant construction building system, started out as a specialty toy, along the lines of giant Tinker Toys. Due to the open ended nature of Toobeez, it quickly became so much more than a toy as educators, camp directors, scout leaders and corporate trainers realized how easily they could incorporate Toobeez activities into their existing programs for fun events, ice breaker activities and exciting ways to teach team building and teamwork skills."

- Joseph Donahue, CEO and Founder of Toobeez International

"I think that Toobeez is a great learning tool. It promotes creativity as well! I am a speech teacher and Toobeez helps my children achieve goals in a neat and fun way"

- Nicole W, Raleigh, NC

"One of my passions is gaining a better understanding on how the brain learns, and your activity books included up to date brain strategies. The books were very teacher-friendly, and I was able to instantly incorporate the activities into my presentations and lessons. I have contacted three other principals and eighteen other teachers in my school system about your products."

- Kim Cooke of Walter Bickett Elementary School in Monroe, NC

Pete Smithson from Central Middle School, Orlando, FL, is impressed with the flexibility of these building toys: "The open ended nature of the product allows us to use your products within our entire school. We use them in our staff development days, core subjects, field day, and even our after school activities. What a great program."

Mike Parsons, a special education teacher, says his kids "ate it up!" Working with a mixed population of 12-17 year old teens who are severely emotionally challenged, with varied diagnoses, Parsons' goal "to make school here as positive and successful and experience that we possibly can." When he first introduced Toobeez to these students in his classroom, he met with instant success: "We split the kids into two groups. I stood a large mat on its side, so that they couldn't see each other's ideas. I simply asked them to 'build a house.' They INSTANTLY kicked into cooperation mode. They were communicating, sharing ideas- you could almost hear their minds working. I was flabbergasted!"

K. Byers, who works with youth in grades 4-12 as a Youth Development Specialist for the Iowa State University Extension loves how Toobeez helps her and the other adult volunteers and partners create "safe, caring, and enriching environments for these young people." She praises Toobeez as a "fun, creative means to construct teambuilding, cooperation, leadership, communication and problem solving opportunities. Toobeez have been a great addition to my toolkit!"

Spaulding Elementary School in CT bought 18 boxes of Toobeez with a grant from Lego: "to fund team building activities consisting of giant interlocking tubes and sphere shape pieces where students will have the opportunity to creatively problem solve, foster communication and collaborative skills while working on fine and gross motor skills."

Awards for Toobeez

Toobeez was awarded the prestigious 2005 Teachers' choice Award for the family, in the toy category.

Toobeez was also the recipient of the 2004 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine.

The National Lekotek center gave Toobeez a very high ABLE PLAY™ rating for play products for children with special needs/disabilities.