Inside My House
Character Focus
Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Fine Motor Skills, Spatial Skills, Cognitive Skills

This activity was taken from the Noggin BuilderZ intermediate activity book


1.   Learn and name household items.

3.   Learn to tell the characteristics of an item.

4.   Use Noggin BuilderZ to construct items found in the house.

5.   Use imagination and creativity to design models that you want to place in your house.

6.   Artistic demonstration – design and decorate your  household items


Some pictures of  things commonly found in the house.



We are going to move everything inside, let’s check what we have, and what things we are going to buy. (Ask the children what things they have and what new items they want for the new house)


1.   Let the children build one item they found in different area of the house.

2.   Let the children design and build the item they want to put in their room and give it a name.

Alternative Play:

1.  Ask the children to design something unique for a special purpose or having a special function

2.  Ask the children to design something new.

3.  Modify an existing product to make it have more function


Let the children take us for a tour inside the house and explain to us what everything is.

Clean Up:

1. Ask the children to dismantle and put the parts back to the storage box or

2. Ask the children to put the model they made to the specific display area.

Note to the Teacher:

Let the children construct anything they think of or imagine, let them create their own thing to  be place in their house.

2   113    1coatrack     shelves



  • colors of rods and other pieces may vary
  • kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard, intended for ages 5+

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