What Are TOOBEEZ & Featured on the Dr. Phil Show

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#1 Teambuilding Video Here

Could Your Child Build These?
Could Your Team Build These???

Here's a Simple Example for Teambuilding...
 Use Left Hands Only or Maybe No Verbal Commands

How TOOBEEZ Work...

TOOBEEZ Building

To gain the fullest understanding of How TOOBEEZ Work build this first!



EZ-Fort: Original 54 Piece Toy

List price: $49.99   Price: $44.95
TOOBEEZ 57 Piece Kit

TOOBEEZ 57 Piece Kit - USA Only

List price: $169.99   Price: $149.99

EZ-Fort: The Bunker

List price: $59.99   Price: $49.99

EZ-Fort: Fairy Tale Castle

List price: $59.99   Price: $49.99

Teambuilding Fun - Download

Price: $19.99

BLINGKEEZ: Light Up EZ-Fort or Your Awesom...

List price: $19.99   Price: $14.99
Super Fort, Toy Fort

TOOBEEZ 114 Piece Kit - USA Only

List price: $339.98   Price: $299.98
TOOBEEZ International

Int'l: 57 Piece Kit + Includes Delivery

List price: $399.98   Price: $369.98